Fixed Bed Catalytic Reactor 1

Fixed Bed Reactor

Fixed Bed Catalytic Reactor

Fixed Bed Reactor

A fluidized bed reactor system manufactured by Amar ensure even temperature distribution throught the burning zone, while solid catalyst particles are freely suspended using gas of high velocity.

Fixed Bed Catalytic Reactor/ Packed Bed Reactor

Multi-phase reactor systems are widely used in fine chemicals, oil and gas, petrochemical refineries, pharmaceutical, pesticides and in research centers. With the evolving needs of the industry for enhanced productivity and lower cost of production; Amar offers tubular reactor systems in continuous manner for various applications with system integration and automation which maximizes the efficiency and accuracy of research and production operations

Fluidized Bed Reactor

Mainly used in coal and biomass gasification processes, pyrolysis operations, etc for generation of syngas

  1. fluidized bed reactor suspends small particles of catalyst by the upward motion of the fluid to be reacted
  2. The fluid is typically a gas with a flow rate high enough to mix the particles without carrying them out of the reactor
  3. More suitable for coal conversion

Salient Features

  • Fixed Bed Reactor volume from 5cc to 100 ltrs. Higher volumes optional
  • Designed up to 350 bar & 1000 °C. Higher ratings optional
  • Various MOCs such as SS316, Inconel, Hastelloy etc.
  • Explosion proof plants for highly explosive reactions/hazardous area
  • Table top or skid mounted plants
  • Either a standard or customisable unit can be offered for gas liquid feed combinations, product outlets, series or parallel reactors, multi zone heating furnaces etc. with integrated controls, high level of safety, automation and SCADA software
  • Fixed bed reactor, fluidized bed reactor, trickle bed reactor designs offered

Applications and chemistry

Catalyst testing, oxidation, reforming, hydrogenation, dehydrogenation, liquefaction, fischer Tropsch process, hydro-cracking, carboxylation, catalyst screening, fluid catalytic cracking (FCC), microreactor system, syngas reactor system, pyrolysis reactor system, packed bed reactor system, vapor rig system, biomass gasification system, hydro-processing catalyst testing system, catalyst-reduction unit, multi-purpose reactor unit, vapor phase reaction system etc

Table Top Reactor System (TTRS)

The table top reactor system is very compact & complete semi or fully automated system for vapor phase catalyst evaluation and continuous flow process analysis. The reactor and feed lines are mounted within an isothermal oven.

System Specifications:

  • Reactor volume: 5-50 ml
  • System pressure: Upto 200 bar
  • Temperature rating (reactor): Upto 650°C
  • Temperature rating (oven): Upto 200°C


Feeding section:
  • Feed streams are provided for 4 reactants (2 liquids, 2 gases), the purge gas and the GC carrier gas
  • Feed lines includes bulk head union connectors, inline filters, metering valve, 3- way ball valve and check valve
Reactor section inside oven:
  • Preheater & vaporizer: This section includes 2 coils for preheating gases and 2 coils for vaporizing liquids
  • Reactor: volume available from 5 – 50 ml
  • Reactor status valve: The optional multiport reactor status valve can permit reactor bypass
  • Sample valve: Sampling valve can be provided for transfer of sample of product to GC unit
  • Back pressure regulator: Manually operated (standard) with optional automatic control
Product collection section:
  • Gas liquid separator: Volumes upto 250 ml will be placed after reactor and before back pressure regulator
  • Heated transfer line: It connects the sample valve to the gas chromatograph unit (supplied by client)