Heating Bath Circulator 1

Heating Circulator 3

High Temperature Circulator HTC 1

Salient Features

  • Temperature range: ambient to +350°C
  • Temperature controller type: PID
  • External load and bath temperature controller
  • Display resolution: 0.1°C
  • Temperature sensors: RTD PT 100
  • Temperature control accuracy: ±0.5°C
  • Heating: Electrical heating
  • Cooling: Through internal cooling coil
  • Complete SS-304 construction
  • RS 485 communication port with SCADA software
  • Multistep ramp soak programmable controller
  • N2 purging facility to prevent fuming
  • Mounting on suitable caster wheels

HB Series (Ambient to 200°C) – Heating Bath

Model Temperature Range Heating kW Pump Flow Max Pump Pressure Max Dimensions (W X D X H)mm End Connection
Amb. to +200 1 14-16 LPM 0.4 bar 300 X 500 X 450 M.16 Male
Amb. to +200 2 14-16 LPM 0.4 bar 430 X 560 X 550 M.16 Male
Amb. to +200 3 30-35 LPM 0.7 bar 510 X 620 X 600 M.24 Male
  • The temperature range mentioned above is at outlet of the heating bath circulator machine hence temperature inside the process / load may vary due to various factors like process design, distance, head, insulation etc.
  • In HTC series, machines with higher heating capacity also available on request
  • In HTC series, flame proof options are available on request
  • Control panel dimensions: 300 x 300 x 300 mm

Heat Transfer Fluids for HB Series

HTF Grade Working Temp. Range
S 50 Amb. to +200°C

Heat Transfer Fluids for HTC Series

HTF Grade Working Temp. Range
S 350 Amb. to +350°C
T 55 Amb. to +320°C
T 66 Amb. to +350°C